Saturday, September 9, 2017

Wear seatbelts, but if not, then a parachute.


  1. The dummies came apart in the test. I've seen that with human beings and it's not a pretty sight. Much more difficult to clean up and when there are children involved - heartbreaking.

  2. Many fatal wrecks here in western North Carolina and Upstate South Carolina involve ejection from a vehicle. In some places only about 50% of the people stopped were wearing the belts.

  3. And then we could all drive a little slower and more carefully.

  4. We're gonna need a bigger teakettle.

  5. Statistics say, always wear your seatbelt.

    Sometimes they don't help, though. I'm still of mixed emotions. This is why:

    Years ago when I served with USAF in Germany, a girlfriend of mine mistakenly went up an offramp toward the autobahn. She met a semi truck coming down. Don't remember what car she had, but it was a front-engined car.

    When the first reports came in, she was declared dead. There was an engine where the front seat had been, and the car was totally destroyed, compacted into a brick. The semi driver was in shock, convinced that he'd killed someone. Then the miracle occurred!

    She was found, still alive, in a tiny compartment between the firewall and the passenger seat. God knows how she got shoved into that small place, but she survived. If she had been wearing her seatbelt, she would have had exactly NO chance to live.

    She finally made a full recovery; I was proud to be the one who told the truck driver the good news. I wish you could have seen his reaction, but he was so relieved- even though no one considered him at fault in any way. He was still so glad not to have caused her death!

    I guess the only thing is, you can't count on miracles. I'm sure glad they sometimes happen, though!