Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Those nutty Japanese: Blood-sucking tick carrying killer disease sparks panic after it VANISHES at press conference warning of its dangers

They never found it.  I hope no one is feeling sick.

The tick begins it's successful break for freedom.

Reporters joined government officials in desperately looking for the killer insect.
The press room was thoroughly disinfected that night.
I wonder who it was that hosted the terrible tick's escape from Alcatraz?  Someone who is even now feeling a bit woozy, and oddly itchy in some dark crevice or out of the way spot on their body.  Probably one of the press.
Meanwhile, the tick is happily sucking delicious red blood, like from a straw, on the hapless Japanese person's body.   Who's laughing now, humans?


  1. what idiots!

    lemme guess; the presenters names were Larry, Moe, and Curly?

  2. Late '60s, I was present at Commander's Call held once a month to indoctrinate the enlisted ranks about the Evils of Women, Wine, and especially Drugs.

    So they circulated a container with a clear plastic front, which had inside of it: marijuana, hashish, LSD, and a few others that I've forgotten. By "circulated," I mean they passed it around like a collection plate, so that everyone could have a good look and see for themselves what these Evil Drugs looked like, so they could avoid them. (Ha!) While that was going on, they had somebody up front talking about the effects, and the penalties for being caught with any of these substances, and so on.

    Somehow, when the container got back up to the front of the small theater where this was being done, there weren't any drugs left in it. Oh my, I think WWIII would have caused less of a ruckus!

    The missing drugs were never recovered, no one was found in possession, and for some reason the brass never held another similar Drug Prevention meeting. That was one of the most exciting meetings I ever attended!

    Now I'm sure nobody took the tick, but why did they ever let it out?

    1. Nobody took the tick voluntarily. The tick took them.