Wednesday, September 13, 2017

This is so Soviet/Communist

Professors told to report students who make campus ‘less inclusive’ to Behavior Assessment Team.  To the re education camp, and be glad it's not to the gulag!

Crime Think must be identified and punished.

The dean’s office of Utah Valley University, a public institution located in the north-central part of Utah, distributed a guidance letter to all faculty encouraging them to report to the school’s Behavior Assessment Team any students who use “inappropriate language,” are “argumentative,” or who speak “loudly.”
Yes, argumentative and/or loud language must be reported to the Commissar.   It's amazing that grown adults don't recognize how totalitarian they come off with stuff like this.
The letter, titled “Recognizing and Responding to Students of Concern,” was provided to The College Fix by a professor at Utah Valley. The document instructs faculty on the various types of behaviors that merit concern, including stalking, angry outbursts and bullying, as well as the signs that a student may harm himself or others.
Other behavior that the university suggests could be reported to the Behavior Assessment Team include “unreasonable demands,” “behavior that challenges University expectations” and “making numerous complaints.” 
Yes, unreasonable demands.  Those must be punished.
These administrators should just come out and say it plainly.  If we don't like your words, we will punish you, comrade.  Censor yourself.
This is pathetic, yet profoundly dangerous.  People in positions of authority at this school who created this should be forced to spend some time in a place more akin to what they want here, like North Korea.
With these people, can the gulag for the rest of us be far behind?


  1. They need to learn to love Big Brother.

  2. Very Stasi of them; having citizens report fellow citizens (or students report fellow students) saves the time and effort of the secret police....

  3. When everyone is offended by everyone else... it will not end well,