Friday, September 8, 2017

Explain this to the insurance company


  1. So was he driving his new car home after having just bought it, or did he put the sign in the window after the....mishap.

  2. That's gonna put a dent in the resale price!

  3. The back story of how the C-123 came to be there is another tale that needs telling.

  4. That was a nice '54 Pontiac (possibly a '53).

  5. Here ya go:

    Babylon, N.Y. (AP) -- A military transport plane with seven men aboard crash-landed on a busy highway Wednesday night, smashing into three cars during a wild skid and fatally injuring a motorist.
    The twin-engine C123 ran out of gas and swooped down on the four-lane Southern State Parkway on Long Island. Skidding hundreds of feet, it ripped through an underpass and struck three cars before stopping in flames.
    HAROLD J. SCHNEIDER, West Islip, N.Y., died of head injuries shortly after the accident.
    Three Air Force men and two women motorists suffered minor injuries.
    The plane had been trying to land at Zahn's Airport, about half a mile from the crash scene.
    After hitting the highway the plane skidded several hundred feet and into an underpass. The plane has a wingspan of 119 feet; the underpass is 50 feet wide. The plane emerged with wings, tailpiece and one engine gone.
    The woman motorists injured were MRS. MARY REHM, Islip Terrace, and MRS. FRANK CALABRESE, West Islip.
    The injured Air Force men were identified as Capt. JOHN FLORIO, Sgt. WALLETT A. CARMAN and Sgt. EDGAR H. WILLIAMSON. The pilot was Lt. GARY L. MOOLSON.
    The plane had been en route from Dobbins Air Force Base, Marietta Ga., to Mitchel Field on Long Island.

    Lebanon Daily News Pennsylvania 1958-10-16

    1. I googled the date and military plane crash and cars. It took a few tries: ). Cheers CW ! 🥃