Thursday, September 7, 2017

EMP proof, high water tolerant, chick magnet

In that weather, I hope the heater works.


  1. Those old heaters were sort of a box near the floorboard and the heat radiated out. In a small cab they'd cook you if you kept them on.

  2. What a beauty! And tough as nails, I'll bet.

    I bought an old VW bug in upperstate NY when I got discharged, and the weather was just like that when I bought it.

    My Bug wasn't expensive ($140) but it wasn't too great in cold weather, as it had virtually no floorboards (rusted out) and the heater didn't work either (also rusted out.) I got a sheet of tin & several old sleeping bags to line the floorboards, but had to be careful where I put my feet.

    I would really have preferred something like this, heater or no heater!