Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Buy Apple's new iPhone, and help it build a new worldwide database of facial recognition information

Embarrassing red faced failure the first time, but they'll get it to work.

As well as unlocking the device, the iPhone X's new Face ID can be used to authenticate Apple Pay and create the customisable animated emoji.
Apple says the 3D front-facing camera learns what users look like and is only inaccurate one in 1 million times.
How about using a picture of someone?  Will the 1000 dollar phone think that's you?
Check out this creepy picture Apple used at the phone's unveiling:

If that doesn't spook you away from the phone, not even the price will.  

Just weird.  Except, let me ask this question.

How much would a huge global database of recognizable facial biometrics be worth to ..... someone?

If the money offered were right, could even Apple resist?  Apple would probably accept payment in Bitcoin.   And guess what, you gave them that info for free.  Oh, except for the initial investment in the phone itself.

Really, Apple should have to pay you to get the ability to recognize your face anywhere, but folk are going to give it to them for nothing, laughing foolishly while they do it and oohing and aahing over how cool the tech is.

Way, way too far.  I'd keep my dumb phone, thanks.


  1. $1K for a phone. Insanity.

    And you're right. The lack of privacy alone at any price, is something that a would-be purchaser needs to consider.

  2. Plus, they went back to glass on the phones back, like the old 4-4S version. So, when you drop it, the chance for breakage increases. No thank you.

  3. During the keynote address, Apple stated that the facial recognition data is stored on the user's iPhone only. It is not uploaded to an online server. Privacy is thus protected.
    Might as well be more worried about driver's license photos, Facebook photos, Sam's Club and Costco photo id among others.

  4. Once I worked in an entertainment venue that used an iPod for music & video. It worked well; but once it didn't have the right music downloaded onto it.

    No problem, the music was available right there! Ah, but iPod won't sync with that computer, it doesn't have the linked iTunes account, so we can't use that music. Oh no, what to do?

    So a fast trip across town, to get the music from the only computer that would link to the iPod, and back again- just in the nick of time!

    There and then I decided never ever to have anything Apple makes, no matter how well it works. Their "walled garden" is too restricted for me to like it, and they have a bad habit of removing apps from the AppleStore if they're somehow right-wing oriented (like Gab.ai, the alternative to Twitter.)

    BTW- I have an old OnePlus One Android phone; it's running Android 7.1.2 and still works excellently. Cost me $140 (secondhand) a few years ago. Don't plan on another anytime soon. Heh- it also has face recognition!