Saturday, September 9, 2017

Anita Ekberg.


  1. She appears to be "high maintenance".

  2. Maybe she is high maintenance, but those stars from the past had genuine beauty. IMHO, it's today's spoiled, entitled, millennials that are high maintenance. A young person today with a strong work ethic and humility will go a long way!

    1. I agree, although my experience with Baby Boomer loves shocked me at their total lack of awareness of their entitlement. I have hopes that the Millennials and younger will get hip to the absurdities of their older sisters, but time alone will tell. All too late for me, alas.

  3. If Anita were around today, I'd know why the hills of Hollywood are burning: she glanced at them. I know that I'd burst into flames if she looked like that at me!

    Funny how beauty and talent (on loan from God, as Rush says) plus hard work and perseverance is now called entitlement, isn't it. Just saying!