Wednesday, September 13, 2017

5,000 bikes apparently abandoned at 'leave no trace' Burning Man

Gaia cries.

Burning Man cyclists are taking flak after an Instagram photo showing a sea of dusty bicycles abandoned on the playa was widely shared on social media.
The haunting photo by Logan Mirto shows some of the estimated 5,000 bicycles left by Burners who couldn't be bothered to take their sand cruisers home. One commenter said that the image looked like "Amsterdam Central in a dust storm." Some speculated that a number of the bikes might have been stolen or borrowed before they were discarded.
The mass littering of two-wheelers was condemned by other, more conscientious Burners, who admonished their brethren and reminded them of the Burning Man credo "leave no trace."
"If you left your bike @ Burning Man.... you are a {insert foul name here}!! Come on folks, we can do better!" wrote Jeffrey Pankey on Facebook.


  1. Now that's just wrong.
    Alas, the affect of "sales" and commodification upon an event that gets TOO big and successful. It's what humans do. The worst of us can't help but appear... and screw everything up.

    1. It's strange behavior from the side of the spectrum that promotes environmental awareness.

    2. They're all progressive. It's 'do as I say, not as I do.' I liken it to rock stars flying their private jets to perform at an anti-fossil fuel rally.

      I'm convinced that most people go to Burning Man to share STD's and that they care little about much else.

  2. Color me NOT surprised. We've all seen this before, as evidenced by after-event photos of progressive events on the Mall in D.C. as compared to the Tea Party gatherings.

  3. looks like a business opportunity to me. go load-up take 'em 2 boulder colo.make heap big $$$$