Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Preparing for conflict


  1. There are a lot of companies around advertising this sort of emergency food. My only question is this: Are they as good as modern MRE's (which are not bad)? You and Mrs. CW need to buy some and do a taste comparison for the consuming public. Think of -- a cyber Costco sample event.

    1. The boy brought home some MRE's for us to try, and they weren't as bad as I thought. The military is certainly trying, and an army marches and fights on its stomach, for sure.

  2. We have had their Mac and Cheese, bean burger and strawberry cream of wheat. All were EXCELLENT! In fact I promptly went online and ordered more of each to use (not to store) because we liked them so much.

  3. I have lots of MRE's thanks to the Corpsman, and a Marine. All the ones I have tried have been good.

  4. Definitely better than the old C-Rats we used in the USFS. Speaking of which I probably have a can or two of those swelling in the garage somewhere still... ;-P