Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Lay of the Land

So I glanced off the deck this morning and suddenly noticed that the cottonwood tree over by the well is fully engulfed in autumn colors.  Seems way too early for that, as I'm still in full out summer mode, but I guess Sept/Oct isn't really that far off.

I spun around on my heels and saw the dogs doing this.  Rascal must think he's getting the best of both worlds by being half in and half out of the sun.  Dogs, gotta love 'em.

Worked on this Milky Way shot on Lightroom until I'm relatively happy with it.  I like that it shows some of the excellent, deep blues, and I was able to minimize the light pollution from far away Tahoe.  That lone pine holding up the stars was a great composition device. Very nice, if I may say so myself.


  1. Very nice work on the Milky Way photo!

    1. Thanks, it was fun to take it and fun to mess around with it on the computer.

  2. You captured the Dome of Heaven very well.