Sunday, August 6, 2017

Everything had to be hot in that sun: the plane, the tools, everything.

Groundcrew of No. 274 Squadron RAF overhaul Hawker Hurricane Mark I, V7780 “Alma Baker Malaya”, at LG 10/Gerawala, Libya, during the defence of Tobruk.


  1. My great uncle was there as part of the US effort in North Africa. He was part of the invasion of Morocco and commented that sand got into everything. He said that aircraft had the worst of it because of the tight tolerances required for a war plane to fly. He fought through Sicily, at Anzio, Monte Cassino and through it all. Greatest Generation. He passed away about 5 years ago. The war didn't effect him in a lasting way. His younger brother, saw very heavy combat with the Rangers and never got over the war. I knew them both well growing up.

  2. Note the ubiquitous Lysander in the background...