Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Arlayne Brown, girl sharpshooter, St. Louis, 1929.


  1. Empty cylinders. She's not going to do much with that revolver. However, the freckles signal that she's dangerous.

    1. Ha! I noticed that too, but then again, it's against the rules to point a gun like that, so maybe that's why it's empty.

  2. When I see a picture like this, I always hope that the camera is on a tripod, and the photographer is using a cable shutter release.

    Now when it's a gangbanger, holding his pistol sideways... well, in that case I don't much care, as I assume the idiot taking the picture is another one.

  3. I know you're thinking did i fire six shots or only five? To tell the truth,in all this confusion I lost count.You have to ask yourself do you feel lucky? Well do ya Punk?