Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Our local 4th of July parade.

Our little settlement here has now done a 4th of July parade for that last five years or so, and this year was our best yet.  They organize at a place down the road, and then circle around our rural roads so everyone can get a peek.  

Here's the head of the parade coming down the street, honking and flag waving.  Love that Dodge!

The four wheelers were numerous, as were the kids on bikes and tractors.

Our next door neighbors, the vintners.  Mrs. CW and I spent a fun afternoon in their cellar, dipping into barrels of wine and tasting the goodness of the grape.  Their dog is naturally named Syrah.

Old cars and young kids.  It appears to be a theme.  That Scout brought back some memories.

Of course, there has to be a tricked out Jeep.

Kids on bikes.  Gotta love it!  And yes, the tyke in back with the helmet is on a dirt bike.  We start 'em young out here.

A beautifully painted antique.  The color choice is excellent.

And there they go over the hill, the awesome IH riding sweep.

The local fire department trucks were there as well, and make no mistake, our community loves our men and women protecting us from the inevitable blazes in this dry country.  I have my house set up so that if the field catches fire and nobody is home, it can't set the house or even barn on fire.  Self reliance, but hopefully all my preparations will never be needed.  

It may be California, but in this part, it's all patriotism and families, horses and old iron, beards, tattoos, and the American Flag. 


  1. I didn't see any Mexican flags flying or the new Kalifornia flag with a red clenched fist replacing the star. Well done!!

    1. Yep, the folk out here of Mexican extraction are as patriotic as anybody.

    2. Same here in North Central WA.

  2. This was beautiful to see! Thanks for sharing CW. It's nice to see Californians appreciating the blessings and significance of July 4th. Great little home town parade. Awesome!

  3. Sadly, in my gated community few people even put out flags. I have mine flying; as well as some bunting and a bunch of smaller flags, arranged in what I hope is an artistic manner.

    I also have a "Trump" flag; I flew it under the American flag on Inauguration Day. The next day I was told by the HOA that this was not allowed, and not to do it again. Sigh.

    Sometimes I wonder what country I'm in. Oh well, Happy 4th of July, everyone!

    1. Those HOA's are a blessing and a curse. When they are used to squelch everyone's free speech in the interests of not offending anyone, they are a curse. I wonder which neighbor it was that complained? Don't find out and don't seek sweet revenge - it wouldn't be nice.

  4. What? No Horses? With the mandatory clean up crew following? The Bolan, Iowa parade is cool. The town is so small the parade sits still & the people walk by it.

  5. It looks like down by Columbia. I live in Sonora.
    AKA leaperman