Thursday, July 13, 2017

Oh. My. Goodness. An idea just hit me, and yes it did hurt.

Over at Everybody Has To Be Somewhere, BW just posted this picture of an abandoned silo in Alberta.

Has to be built tough, right, to survive the howling winters there, and support all that grain?

So, here's the idea.  Buy it cheap, tear it down, and take it somewhere and rebuild it into the world's coolest cabin/home!  Put in an elevator or lift, each floor has it's own function, and the top floor is the bedroom with a roll back ceiling, to allow star gazing at night.  It would be high enough to avoid mosquitoes.

Plenty of wall space for art.  Windows could be installed everywhere.  It may even have a lightning rod already.   Genius!  Now, if I only had a spare million or so laying around to make such a thing happen.  Call Architectural Digest, have I got the story for you!


  1. I have yet to see someone do this. I think it would be a great idea. Grain elevators were built tough and are sturdy.

    By the way, there are likely thousand of photos of this spot taken by hundreds of people. This is a very popular spot for photos in Alberta.

  2. I've seen one that looked similar. The small town grain company was replacing it with a larger, more modern structure. A local farmer bought it and moved it to his place, to store grain. You may have some competition.