Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Is that an old Diamond T truck?


  1. Sorta looks like it, but the ones in my neck of the woods weren't semi's.

  2. It's a Diamond-T with the International Harvester "Comfo-cab". They had that cab until the White Motor Company bought Diamond-T, merged them with REO and used the White "Drivers Cab". That merger produced the Diamond-Reo. Picture looks like it was taken in the Okanagan Region of BC in the late 50's. Gorman Bros is still operating there.

    1. Great info, C-Warrior! I appreciate the additional knowledge, and I really like that Gorman is still in business. Diamond T was a top of the line truck, and it probably lasted longer in that rough business than lesser trucks. Another great old brand I wish was still around.