Saturday, July 29, 2017

Interesting. Concealed carry jacket. Didn't know they made such things.


  1. I wear 511 shirts almost every day. They all have concealed carry pockets. The jacket option is more problematic still because of the load balance. The magazines need to be on the other side of the front of the jacket or it pulls.

    You've never been a professional gunslinger. The load is always the problem, and if you have a shoulder rig, there are other carry problems. At the risk of sounding weird, in my 'declining years' I've gone to wearing Duluth Trading suspenders between the undershirt and my shirt to support the weight of the Super Redhawk Alaskan on the belt. They solve the problem of trouser sag.

  2. Summer time I use a "Sneaky Pete" holster. Spring or fall I use a Rothco cc vest. Winter I just drop my Springfield XDS40 in the right pocket and the mags in the left pocket of my Field Jacket.

  3. I would never carry a firearm in a pocket.

    I think there might be problems getting it out in a hurry, including the possible danger of an unintended discharge.

    I wear my Ruger "Security Six" .357 magnum service revolver in a paddle holster on my hip.

    The paddle holster is easy to remove and/or replace, depending on the circumstances, i.e., when entering the VA hospital where firearms are prohibited.

    The paddle holster is not intended for concealment, but it usually does provide effective concealment when wearing a coat.

    I have seen a man wear the paddle holster incorrectly.

    The paddle portion is supposed to go inside the waistband of the trousers, with a belt being worn to give it adequate support.

    For concealment, I wear the revolver in an inside the pants clip-on holster in the small of my back.

    1. Oooh, Security Six! I'm jealous! That's a classic.

    2. Holster selection requires careful consideration and trial and error. Factors will include concealment, safety, comfort, environment, access and purpose- i.e. duty, EDC or competition. It is unlikely one carry method will work for all conditions. You may find several are necessary. Give some thought to materials, construction, support, reloads and covering garments as well.
      Lately there has been renewed interest in appendix carry.(If that is your choice I wish you luck.)
      Crossdraw holsters were once fairly popular, especially for competition, and offered concealment and access similar to shoulder holsters.
      An IWB holster at 5 o'clock conceals a medium frame semiauto pretty well, but access is limited when seated and about impossible when driving.
      Off-body carry: day planners, briefcases, diversion packs etc. may work in some cases, at the expense of access and security.
      This is probably only the tip of the iceberg, feel free to chime in.

  4. I'm so OCD focused my head turns like an ISAR antenna so I don't need to be quick draw McGraw, John.

  5. A lot of motorcycle jackets have integrated holsters or straps to tie down a owb holster inside the jacket.