Thursday, July 13, 2017

Genius, all around.

I'm still not sure I believe this, as so many people had to see this before it went live that it's might near impossible no one noticed.

Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-WA) spoke on the Senate floor Tuesday night about the need to expand Medicaid, without realizing that the sign next to her misspelled the word “Medicaid.”

A sign that read “War on MEDICAD” was on display for nearly two minutes while she criticized Republicans for stunting the growth of the government-run healthcare program.
Cantwell did not even flinch when the sign first appeared on the stand.

Runner up for the title of incredible moron of the day is the aptly named Poppy Harlow, at CNN, which is apparently a bastion of ignorance and drooling idiocy.

Harlow was covering President Trump’s arrival in Paris, France to meet with French president Emmanuel Macron. After the two world leaders shook hands, they stood together as a band played the United States national anthem.

Garble, garble, blah, blah, ptfff.

However, Harlow cut to the scene by saying, “Let’s just listen in to the French national anthem for just a moment.”
It took at least ten seconds before whispering could be heard in the background–presumably a producer who caught Harlow’s error–and Harlow had to correct herself.
“The US–American national anthem–I should say,” she said with a chuckle.  Zucker should fire her just for that.  Pay attention, Poppy!
In the meantime, Melania speaks French while in France visiting some children.  Mon Dieu!  Elle est en fait très intelligente!

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  1. Didn't Michel "O" speak French when she suggested to the French school kids: "Let 'em eat cake"?