Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Enjoy that road trip! July 4th gas hasn't been this cheap in years

I did the road trip thing yesterday, and I'm hanging and recovering today.

About 25% of gas stations nationwide are selling gas for $2 a gallon or less.  But not in California, which just raised gas taxes and plans to pop them up again in September.  Imagine two dollar gas!  It's a dream, especially if you drive a nice big truck.

But congratulations to those Americans who live in a sane state that allows the market to set the price and which doesn't look at the gas pump in a car crazy culture and see it the same way a pirate sees a fat Spanish galleon wallowing back to Spain laden with gold and treasure.

South Carolina still has the cheapest average gas price in the country at $1.90 a gallon, despite a two-cent increase in gas taxes.  Kudos to the Palmetto State!

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