Saturday, July 8, 2017

700 rounds and a meltdown

Via Ace


  1. I can't say that they impressed me by waste and possible danger, but then I always was a grump!

    1. Yeah, at the end the whole gun was melting down. Can't be anything but dangerous, and those guys were only wearing eye protection.

  2. i was once shot at by a SAW. It missed, naturally. The former NASA administrator stormed ashore to see why. I'm not really sure if he two-blocked the Marine responisble for missing or for negligent discharge. General Boldenl was using my office and kicked me out while debriefing the kid and the major. The major had two of his troops killed by a SAW ND in a bunker during ODS.
    I read about how some food service officer in Iraq demanded that weapons brought into he Dining Facility be open to show safe. The guys had a hell of time explaining to her that this weapon fired on an open bolt.