Monday, June 12, 2017

Was General Lee right?

“The consolidation of the states into one vast empire, sure to be aggressive abroad and despotic at home, will be the certain precursor of ruin which has overwhelmed all that preceded it.” Robert E. Lee

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  1. History twists and turns.

    on September 11, 2001, who could have predicted the election of a semi-Muslim Socialist metrosexual huckster named Barack Hussein Obama?

    And eight years after America had gone full socialist with a Democrat legislature, we'd have a completely Republican legislature and would have Donald J. Trump as president?

  2. Can't remember where I read it but the statement was: Most Republics have a life span of about 250 years. The United States will be 241 this coming July 4th.

  3. "...different regions had little contact with each other..."
    What a load of crap. Interstate commerce aside, consider the effect of the Civil War itself. Shelby Foote points out that the Civil War really created a united America. United States went from the pre-war grammatically correct plural (the United States are at War with Mexico) to the grammatically incorrect singular (The United States is at war with Spain) after the Civil War. All those boys on both sides got away from home and realized they were part of a larger, real country.