Friday, June 9, 2017

The Muffin Man? The Muffin Man!

John McCain in a nutshell:
  • Son of an Admiral, Grandson of another Admiral
  • Barely graduated the Naval Academy (was in the bottom 1%)
  • Was a belligerent asshole who had dozens of reprimands on his record
  • Crashed 5 planes (4 during non-combat training exercises)
  • Logs 20 hours of combat missions, gets a bunch of medals for doing nothing
  • Captured in Vietnam (after 5th crash)
  • Given preferential treatment for being an Admiral's son - and leaking secret intel
  • Divorces former beauty queen wife after she is disfigured in a car accident. Marries another former beauty queen (who also happened to have a rich daddy w/ political connections)
  • Uses daddy and daddy-in-law's names and money to enter a cushy life of politics


  1. You left out, "makes deal with Devil in exchange for unnatural longevity".

  2. just about the most contemptible men still alive.

  3. Ron Unz makes a pretty convincing case that McCain was a lying rat during and after his time as POW.

  4. "Songbird" McCain. There's a long, long line waiting to piss on his grave.

  5. You eft out that he should gone to jail for his involvement with the 1980's Savings and loan scandal.