Saturday, June 3, 2017

Jupiter Juno Perijove, set to some creepy 2001 A Space Odyssey music

Perijove = nearest point of a flyby of Jupiter.  Cool word.

Background info: An apsis (Greekἁψίς; plural apsides /ˈæpsdz/, Greek: ἁψῖδες) is an extreme point in an object's orbit. The word comes via Latin from Greek and is cognate with apse For elliptic orbits about a larger body, there are two apsides, named with the prefixes peri- (from περί (peri), meaning 'near') and ap-, or apo- (from ἀπ(ό) (ap(ó)), meaning 'away from') added to a reference to the thing being orbited.

I wonder what colossal dose of radiation little Juno absorbed while zipping by that monstrous planet?

I wish Galileo and Copernicus were alive to see this.


  1. Awesome. More mysteries shown in three minutes than can be known in a hundred lifetimes.

    We truly are living in incredible times!

    1. Truth! What happens in the next twenty years will be even more amazing.