Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Hot New Rumor: Dennis Rodman Is A Secret Ambassador For Trump

The insanity, it's so improbable that it might just be true.

Trump is, after all, the living, breathing, walking and tweeting polar opposite of the standard Washington politician.

And then there's this: Rodman was on Celebrity Apprentice once, so he knows Trump at some level, and Trump knows him.

And this:  Rodman has already overcome the biggest hurdle most people would face in attempting to go visit the diminutive, crackpot dictator. He’s built a relationship and has a standing invitation.

Finally, we learn that the regime has released one of their American prisoners, although the sad man is in a coma and is said to have been in that state for a year!   At least it's something.  Maybe Rodman can get another one out before he's done.  Best of luck.

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