Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Good Lord Almighty! That woman rocks both the piano and a red dress

The hair flip is irresistibly cute.

La Campanella by Franz Liszt is considered by some to be one of the most difficult piano pieces in existence.  It gets more and more demanding as the piece goes on.  Khatia makes it look sort of easy, however.

Via Maggie's Farm.

And then there's this, where she proceeds to "rend homage a Prince et David Bowie."

Mon Dieu!


  1. I am an old sax player by trade, but have played many other instruments as well. I played professionally for a time, in my younger days, but now content myself to play to amuse myself. The one instrument that I never mastered, and always wanted to, was the piano. The thing that I love about this lady is that she is not afraid to allow herself to be beautiful, and still do what she loves to do, without concern of any critics who might condemn her for her manner of dress. That to me is the real definition of feminism, the ability for a woman to be female and still be in control of her own life.