Sunday, June 11, 2017

Gone in 15 seconds

In just 15.5 hours the UK Highways Agency and its contractors closed the M1 motorway in Bedfordshire, and prepared it for the demolition of the old A5120 road bridge, built in 1959. Demolition kicked off at 2115 on the Saturday night (30 June 2012), with the hydraulic breakers making short work of the concrete and steel structure. The M1 was fully re-opened from 1130 the following morning - 30 minutes ahead of schedule.

Alternative explanation:

Here we see a glimpse into the ravenous feeding frenzy exhibited by the modern excavator. Once a helpless bridge is surrounded, there's no escape from the hungry pack.
Notice the herd of dump trucks that appear, taking from the scraps left behind by the excavators. This symbiotic relationship ends up helping the cars that traverse the area in search of gasoline to consume.

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