Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Oily, steam donkey goodness.

Even now you can occasionally come across one of these in lonely spots in the woods, abandoned there at the end of some long ago logging season.


  1. There was one they used to bring to the Sierra Cascaded Logging Conference, but the CARB rules forced them to stop firing it up for demonstrations.

  2. I like running onto old mining and logging equipment when taking the road less traveled. You need a rig that can get you there (and back), or a motorcycle. Then you take the roads that look overgrown (bringing your chain saw with you).

  3. As a young lad in the 70's working for the Federal Forest Service I chanced upon the remains of a steam donkey up the hill a bit from you, CW. It's up on the Camp 9 road in Calaveras county. I find no mention of it on Google, so some museum might of pulled it out of there. Or it might be there still just rusting away.