Monday, May 1, 2017

Never make a new mother nervous.

My wife followed the birth like a total groupie.  When I showed her this video, she recognized the guy in it as the vet.  She knew the giraffe in the next enclosure is "Oliver," the dad, and that it's his first calf and April's fourth.  I couldn't stop teasing Mrs. CW on her extensive knowledge of the saga of April the Giraffe and her calf.  I love teasing Mrs. CW.

Oh, and if April was truly threatened by the vet, she could stomp him into a gooey mush in a flash.  I'd be a lot more careful if I were him.

Via Bayou Renaissance Man


  1. I was attacked by giraffe, on 2 separate occasions, in Tanzania. I hate those creatures with a passion as they attack for no reason. They are relentless in their pursuit, faster than you can imagine, and can kill easily. I survived by hiding.

    1. Dang. I believe that, the legs and hooves on that thing could easily knock your brains out if she was really p.o.ed. Here, I think she was just telling the vet to back off a little.