Sunday, May 21, 2017

NASA plans an emergency spacewalk to repair one of two major computers controlling important systems in the ISS.

The primary device failed on Saturday, leaving the $100 billion orbiting laboratory to depend on a backup system to route commands to its solar power system, radiators, cooling loops and other equipment.
So, why is it necessary to go outside to fix such an important piece of equipment?  Seems access from inside should have been engineered into the craft.  


  1. NASA talks big but every single thing they ever did they grew off the back of the military. They're really not smart. I met the NASA administrator once. He was the very first person I ever heard say, "give me this room." He was there to administrate a marine who had very negligently discharged his SAW and put rounds into the Doha International Airport. He was a most unpleasant man and since I didn't work for him in any way shape or form, we had a great meeting. I had to tell him that what he wanted was ours and that we would not be leaving. He was welcome to chew Marine ass, if he wanted, elsewhere but our TOC was not the place.

  2. I see a conspiracy in being forced to use RUSSIAN spacecraft to get up to our space station. Mainstream media, where are you?