Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Ever seen one?


  1. They're all fake with the exception of sasquatch and batsquatch. The batsquatch creatures follow Hillary Clinton's every command and fly from her castle at night. Everyone knows that. Some people call them "flying monkeys". As with sasquatch, I've seen the movie.

  2. Many were residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave until this past January.

    1. Yes, they were a common sight over DC. Now they've migrated to Chappaqua, NY.

  3. Tahoe Tessie, has a daily "ask Tessie" column in the Tahoe Tribune newspaper!

  4. Many times have I encountered the Lake Worth Monster, but her name is Charlene and she used to hang out at The Rocket Club back then.
    And for the record, she wasn't from Lake Worth as she called White Settlement home. Lived there with her mother and some coloreds, mostly women. They used to serve up breakfast out back, weather permitting. All you could eat for six bits, damned fine eats. Many a morning I'd stop there and then head down to fish the Trinity just below the dam. Usually caught a mess to, cats and carp mostly and a gator now and then. Then it's back up the dam slope to the mercury, stop and visit with Joe Blevins if I had the time. Might even have share some of his homemade wine. Anyway I'm rambling, but yep I knew Charlene.