Saturday, May 13, 2017

Bow on view of USS Hornet (Essex-class) at anchor in Berth X-12, Majuro Lagoon, Marshall Islands, 12 May 1944. Note F6F Hellcat fighters spotted on the flight deck


  1. My uncle served on that ship during the late 50's.

  2. By the time that the second Hornet of the war came along, the US Navy was a polished killing machine. The first Hornet (Yorktown Class) was sunk in the Santa Cruz Islands early in the war. Many veterans of that venerable lady served on her successor. Now we name aircraft carriers after politicians...I get it, but I think that we need another Lexington, Yorktown, and Hornet.

    1. Exactly. I think back to that scene in "Crimson Tide" where the COB proudly answers AL-A-BAMA SIR! (and echoed by the full crew) when challenged by the CO prior to boarding. I just can't bring myself to envision the same when 'Alabama' is replaced by 'Jimmy Carter'.

      Ain't gonna happen.

  3. That's the very definition of "Don't fuck with me."