Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Bannon's "to-do" list revealed in a tweet

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, a Jewish writer, visited the White House on Tuesday to celebrate Israel’s Independence Day and posted photos of him posing with Bannon in front of a white board containing a laundry list of campaign promises.
Bannon has compiled two columns under headings that include “pledges on ObamaCare,” “pledges on tax reform” and “pledges on immigration” with check marks by some of the items.
The only listing under ObamaCare is “repeal and replace ObamaCare.” There is no check next to it.
But under immigration, Bannon ticked off “suspend the Syrian Refugee Program,” “end ‘catch-and-release,” “triple the number of ICE agents” and “implement new extreme vetting techniques.”


  1. Bannon has the nation's best interests a heart.

  2. "Bannon ticked off “suspend the Syrian Refugee Program,”

    I like Bannon (I like Trump), but someone is telling porkies...

    Since Inauguration day (as of today), Donald Trump’s Dept. of State has admitted 12,594 refugees. 43% of those are Muslim refugees from Syria, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan and even Burma (406 are Rohingya Muslims).