Monday, May 8, 2017

Awright, back from the Saturday/Sunday drive up and back from Portland to retrieve the middle kid from college.

Road trip for real: 1038 miles round trip in two consecutive days.

After driving nine hours to get there, I-5 north right in downtown Portland was closed for repair, requiring a stressful detour right at the point of maximum mental exhaustion.  Literally the closure was within five miles of my exit.

Some silly cell phone images the highway patrol shouldn't know about because I took them while hurtling north at highway speeds with one hand, driving with the other, so nobody squeal on me!

This one's for BWBandy.   One of many nice shiny elevators on the way north, by Williams if I recall. This is rice country, so I speculate that that is what's in there.

Red Bluff.  That's Brig's country!

Fresh snow in the Siskiyou Mountains.  Low temp at Mount Shasta = 38 fahrenheit.

The welcome to Oregon sign, taken through the crack in my windshield.  

This is about the point where I got white line fever, and just hunched myself over the wheel and zoned out until the unexpected detour in Portland snapped me awake.

While collecting the kid on campus, he pointed out this poster he had designed for the ROTC.   Nice. The cadre also voted him Wing Commander for the fall semester.  Congrats, young fellow!

On the way back, he drove the black beast truck from Eugene to Redding, but then handed the wheel to me for the final run down valley.   This is him singing, not sleeping.  Yeah, that's the ticket.

Glad to have that trip behind me, but happy to have two of the three kids back in the house.  The youngest daughter is here for the summer, but the middle kid goes away in a couple of weeks for summer school in Arizona for the Air Force.


  1. Happy you had a safe journey, and
    Yay, thanks for the shout out! It's always an adventure.
    What song was the mankid singing? Always a plus to have the kids around.

  2. Wing Commander - well done young CWjr!!

  3. Do I detect a proud papa?!! ;o)


  4. I've been UA since Friday.
    All of those sites in your photos are familiar to me, some much more so than others.

    With any luck, we won't be journeying any further than Anderson until August.
    That trip will be for pleasure and will be broken into segments.