Saturday, May 13, 2017

A metal detectorist has learned he has hit a £2m jackpot after uncovering Britain's biggest ever Viking treasure.

The haul of about 100 items included silver bracelets and brooches, a gold ring, an enamelled Christian cross and a bird-shaped gold pin. 
The bulk of it is silver jewellery, but it also contains textiles and a range of precious metal and jewelled items described as “outstanding and exceptional” by experts, including a rare gold ingot, beads, crystals and a decorated silver-gilt cup thought to be of Byzantine origin.

The relevant authorities have now ruled that the industrious British bloke should receive the value if the hoard, which is 1.98 million pounds.  
That will buy plenty of bangers and mash, plus dark ale, for Derek and his mates.


  1. I've been meaning to buy a medal detector for some time now. I'm retired and have some time on my hands. Besides living in Western North Carolina there's plenty of wide open spaces to do my "detecting". Can anyone recommend a good medal detector?

  2. It was decent of him to report the find. If it had been me, I might have reported half of what I found.

    1. How do we know he didn't find some he slipped into his pocket?

      On the other hand, the way the Brits do it, you can almost always get top dollar for this stuff by turning it in legally, as the provenance and legitimacy of the loot is proven, and have no worries or the costs involved in marketing it yourself.