Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A concise response to the media frenzy over Trump's meeting with the Russians

One, the hypocrisy meter just pegged at a new world record as progressives, who saw nothing at all wrong or illegal when Hillary, Huma, and company made an utter mockery of our intel security laws, now find the alleged violation of the same laws in a single, discrete instance to be a “high crime” worthy of impeachment.
Two, this was not a violation of our national security laws.
Three, the people at this meeting were President Trump, National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster, Sec. of State Tillerson, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergey Kislyak.  No one else was in attendance.  And yet, news of what happened at this meeting leaked to the press in near real-time.  I can see no reason why any of the the people in attendance at the meeting would do so.  That is breathtaking.  There is a real, present threat to our OPSEC that must be addressed immediately.
Even assuming that there was classified information disclosed to the Russians (and everyone who was actually present says there wasn't, vs. anonymous sources cited by a virulently biased newspaper), President Trump has the unfettered authority to declassify or alter the classification of information.  This is the law and Trump was not blazing new ground.  Indeed, when Obama thought it would help his cause, he completely stripped all security ratings from information that he then made public.
So, the whole shebang is nothing but - dare I say it? - fake news.


  1. I expect they'll try to get in one last "blow" before Trump goes overseas. I wonder what it will be?

  2. "And yet, news of what happened at this meeting leaked to the press in near real-time."

    Which made me think the Washington Post fabricated the whole story. Probably had it on the shelf ready for the first meeting between trump administration and the Russians.

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  4. Yes it's total tripe, but it's designed to stampede the Trump herd off a cliff. it's Liberal tactics that the Rhinos are not only ignoring, but cheering from the sidelines. All politicians are American's enemies. Too bad too few see that.

  5. The real story here is the progs don't want white people (Americans) talking to white people (Russians)...GOD forbid something good could come of it! The rest is just distractionary noise.

  6. Once we realize that the deep state and the democrat party are one in the same and they fight daily for their particular brand of evil our plight comes in to sharp focus. Make no mistake they are evil and this battle has raged since before time and the written word.