Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Hey, got any honey?

Chief Red Cloud (Makhpia-sha, or Maqpeya-luta) Oglala Sioux (Lakota) and his son Jack Red Cloud standing next to him. - 1900/1909

How to have fun with kids and teach them about independence.

Juan Brown, who's been doing some great videos about Oroville, posted this on taking his grandkids, I assume, on a local hike.  Super cute, and the landscape is a good example of foothill California.  Amazed they didn't run into a few nice snakes on that walk.

Apollo film set to music from Interstellar. Great combination.

Bear smells doughnuts, rips bumper off car in attempt to get them.

The Steamboat Pilot & Today reports Todd and Kim Robertson awoke early Monday to a black bear trying to break into their delivery vehicle.  Apparently the bear decided to start from the back and work forward
Police officer John McCartin says he smelled doughnuts standing outside the damaged vehicle.
He joked: "I guess if anyone is an expert about this, it's us."

Government run amok. This is in Australia. All up in your face and in your business. Revolution against this chit should be required of all free men and women.

Notice the false concern, the threat to fine you if you don't obey Leviathan, and the invitation to "Log your Jog."  Next, you'll be required to tell the authorities before you're allowed to jog at all, and pay a fee.

Finally, there are an additional four signs in the background.  More rules.  Likely more threats. And it isn't about liability. State authorities give themselves immunity from liability all the time.

Gleaming aeronautical beauty.

Lockheed A-12

I wonder what ever happened to this?


A bicycle strand beest


Father's Day is coming...


Ablaut Reduplication - you know the rule, and abide by it.

An iron battle axe with surviving wooden haft, 12th/13th century in date, found in the River Corrib, Co. Galway, Ireland

The stories it could tell if it could talk...

Wise decision, Whiskers.

(Nez Perce) man, Timothy (Ta-Mu-Son) - Shindler - 1890/1900

Monday, May 22, 2017

The world's southernmost open ocean buoy records a monstrous 64 foot wave.

"This is one of the largest waves recorded in the Southern Hemisphere," said oceanographer Tom Durrant of MetOcean Solutions, a private weather firm in New Zealand. "This is the world's southernmost wave buoy moored in the open ocean, and we are excited to put it to the test in large seas," he wrote on the company's blog.
The buoy was installed only three months ago to "get valuable observations from this remote part of the ocean," the company said. The wild winds, seas and storms of the Southern Ocean create some of the biggest waves in the world.
Here are some big boys in the North Sea.

A nice drink of delicious fuel.

CW, the later years.

Triple Threat

Blowing like a whale

Father's Day is coming

Rare 90 pound brilliantly orange Opah fish caught in SoCal.

Shawn Steward of Oxnard had a once-in-a-lifetime catch last week in the Channel Islands. Steward caught a 90-pound opah, which is very rare to the waters of Southern California.

Note that Shawn is using that trick to make the fish look bigger by standing significantly behind the fish - cheater!

Gun Porn

Mikhail, the Man.

19 year old Kurdish gal protecting her people in the country formerly known as Syria

Raw, properly adulterated gun porn

Knife Porn

DNC lawyers argue in open court that the party has no duty to hold a fair primary

Bayou Renaissance Man does journalism right.  This is a bombshell that the DNC people only feel comfortable making in public because they know for a certainty that the media will not report on it.

From the above linked article:

There's a lawsuit in progress in Florida, where DNC contributors who supported Bernie Sanders' candidacy in 2016 are suing that organization.  A left-wing (not conservative) observer reports (bold, underlined text is my emphasis):

Without any pretense the Democratic primary nominating process should be expected to be conducted fairly, lawyers for the Democratic Party tell Judge Zloch the lawsuit should be thrown out because the Party has the freedom to determine its nominees by “internal rule”, not voter interests, and thus the party “could have favored a candidate”.

Lawyers for the Democratic Party suggest the lawsuit “can’t be resolved” by the Court because it is based on an internal rule that “cannot be enforced”. This statement by lawyers for the Democrats to a Federal judge is a damning indictment the Party may never recover from: the party views itself in no way beholden to voters’ interest whatsoever.

This will play out in further remarks, but in taking this position, the Democrats present themselves as perfectly comfortable with the American public and Court knowing they view the nominating process to be the Party’s choice, and they can and do operate under no legal obligation whatsoever to be representative of the interest of American citizens participating in Party activities and nominating contests.

The DNC’s Charter clearly articulates it is the responsibility of the party and specifically, its Chairperson, to guarantee a fair Presidential primary process and that all DNC staff conduct business evenhandedly to ultimately assure this. Judge Zloch’s correction of the DNC lawyer’s language demonstrates the Judge’s clear understanding that this element of the Charter’s language is central to determining the merits of the DNC’s argument, and shows the Judge did not allow the DNC’s lawyers to obscure the specificity of this guarantee in the Party’s charter.

Despite the implications of this position, lawyers for the DNC repeatedly denied that the terms “impartial” and “evenhanded” can be defined to the point that a ruling can be issued on what obligations these words carry as they appear in the DNC’s Charter.
Back when the Democrats had a normal nominating process, they picked George McGovern as their presidential candidate, who then went on to a spectacular defeat in the general election.

The party decided to change it's nominating process to ensure that such a calamity never happened again, and those changes basically ensured that party insiders ultimately made the choice of candidate, in the proverbial smoky rooms, and could freely ignore the popular, democratic choice.   What irony for a party called Democratic.  Of course that was all no consideration for the frightened leaders of this organization who were looking to keep that all important commodity, political power. The actual members of the party, the rank and file, could never again be trusted to pick the wrong candidate and thereby threaten their power and influence.

Now, we see the natural fruit of this terrible decision, namely a terrible candidate in the form of Hillary! that lost to a total political outsider that even his own party didn't like or truly support.  At least you can say for the Republicans and their nominating process that the only two rebel candidates (Trump and Cruz) came in first and second.

The Sanders people are correct.  The system was rigged against them, but then again, such rigging was no secret.  The conclusion of this litigation will be interesting to watch indeed.

Thanks to the Bayou Renaissance Man for finding this important story, and reporting on something that the MSM dare not touch.

Wow. Not worth the risk by any reasonable calculation.

Anvil crawling lightning over Norman, Oklahoma

Spooky.  I wouldn't like seeing that, and I normally love a good booming thunderstorm.

Mondays, they're like that


Sunday, May 21, 2017

Very Nice

P.P. Pitchlynn, Speaker of the National Council of the Choctaw Nation and Choctaw delegate to the government of the United States

Mature, well considered rhetoric has never been a feature of our Democratic Party.

Here is a sampling:
On May 1, 1981, thousands of protesters marched in Washington to denounce President Reagan's economic and social policies. The event was billed as ''Days of Resistance to Roll Back Reaganism." (Sound familiar?) At the event, at least two speakers called for impeaching Reagan.
''Our purpose is to turn this country around,'' one said. ''Getting rid of Reagan is the first step.''
In early 1983, Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., said Reagan should be impeached "for incompetence." Later that year, he called for impeaching Reagan over his military action in Grenada.
Jesse Jackson wanted Reagan impeached in 1984 for mining Nicaragua's harbors. Texas Rep. Henry Gonzalez and six other Democrats introduced a resolution to impeach Reagan in 1987 over the Iran-Contra affair.
Gonzalez pushed to have President George H.W. Bush impeached in 1991 because of the Gulf War.
Reps. Dennis Kucinich and Robert Wexler introduced 35 articles of impeachment against President George W. Bush in 2004 that centered on the Iraq War, Hurricane Katrina, global warming and the 2004 elections.
Conyers filed a resolution in 2005 calling for Bush's impeachment, and was still publicly advocating it by 2007. And Kucinich kept pushing for impeachment into Bush's last months in office.
That's when they aren't twitching over assassination fantasies.  Oh, and every Republican is a moron, incompetent, evil, and hateful.  Every one, if you listened to these folk.  
If they think they want impeachment, they should take a page from the Republicans, who actually succeeded in impeaching Clinton, although not removing him from office, unfortunately.

30 ton truck on a 3 ton bridge, yet he almost made it!

The truck made it almost across before the bridge collapsed into the river. The truck ended up stuck on the westside concrete support. Hippen was not injured.
The patrol said damage to the bridge was about $775,000 and about $1,700 to the truck.
The county engineer determined the truck weighed more than 30 tons, but the bridge had a posted weight limit of 3 tons. It's located between Coldwater Creek and Chimney Rock, east of Cresco.
I wonder how many times young Justin had successfully crossed here before?

That's a nice looking river.

It's gonna cup, but beautiful color.

Don Surber calls it straight.

From Arab News:
US President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka has taken Saudi Arabia by storm ever since she disembarked from Air Force One in Riyadh Saturday morning.
The hashtag #Trump’s_daughter, in Arabic, is the top trending hashtag in the country as Twitter fans heaped praise on the first daughter.
Ivanka, who is set to take part in roundtable discussions during the president’s first official visit abroad, wore a long navy dress as she arrived in Saudi Arabia as part of the US delegation.
Rest assured they know her religion. And her participation in the talks gets noticed by Saudi women, as the official press (as well as Arab News) went all-in on praising Trump's visit.

They also love Melania.


Diplomacy is more than words, and meetings, and state visits. It is visual. It is non-verbal communication. It is protocol and nuance and breaking convention.

Families matter in Saudi Arabia, as they do in most parts of the world. Trump's ability to present himself as the patriarch of a family of successful people, including strong women, enhances his esteem, which gives him an authority that Obama lacked.

Trump can deliver the message Saudis need to hear because he is the real deal.

Mother's Day Kid Collection

As they get older and older, it's much harder to get all three yutes together at the same time.  There was about a two week window lately where that was possible, so Mrs. CW requested a Mother's Day dinner at her favorite restaurant, Teresa's Italian in Jackson, and for all the kids to come.

Here they are, the devils.

After the formal smiley photo, I told them to grimace, and this is what they did.

By the way, the lasagna here is very good. Mrs. CW strongly favors it.

Cabin Porn

Wedell-Williams Model 44 with pilot James “Jimmy” Wedell at the controls. November 10, 1933