Sunday, April 16, 2017

Yet she persisted

She's loco, but I find this insanity strangely impressive.  It's not even a very long train, yet she simply must beat it across the tracks


  1. Deer do the same things on the Interstate.

  2. For an example of what this does to the railroad crews, see the 2007 Hollywood movie, "RAILS AND TIES", starring Kevin Bacon and Marcia Gay Harden.

    During their initial training, locomotive crews are told that during their career, it is inevitable that they will eventually kill someone, at which point, several prospective locomotive trainees drop out of the course.

    During the time when I lived next to the railroad tracks in Gulfport, Mississippi, numerous fatalities occurred, for the most improbable and/or ridiculous reasons.

    I've seen news reports where an entire AMTRAK crew immediately resigned after their train was involved in a fatality.

    Why do people do these things?

    Why are they so selfish and thoughtless?

  3. It's all about meeee! Never mind the trauma they cause to train crews. Sooner or later this bitch will come to a sticky end. Hopefully.

  4. As a truckdriver, I see this all the time where they absolutely have make the exit, that I am not taking, right in front of me with no traffic behind me.

  5. We, as human beings, are quite flawed. The best among us achieve amazing accomplishments with sufficient effort. However, for the rest of humanity, common sense isn't common at all. I am absolutely convinced the majority of humans are just one step above the animals in capability. Sure, they communicate socially with all the expertise of a pro. Don't let that fool you into believing they are intelligent and capable, dogs are highly social too.

  6. It ties in with my experiences driving the roads anywhere in the U.S. I find I'm constantly "tail-gated" despite doing a little over the posted speed limit. Then it occurred to me. It's the "All about me generation" syndrome. The problem isn't generally about the person wanting to go faster, it's the fact that the person is "behind" me and that makes them feel the need to somehow erase me, an impediment, from the picture. At 75 I stay off the roads as much as possible. I don't want to play the millennial musical chair game.

  7. She missed out on a Darwin Award -- just saying.

  8. It's a 300ft train she would have been blocked for 15 seconds.

  9. I'm very near a coastal train track with lots of train traffic.

    Usually those killed are drunks, who stumble while crossing the tracks and fall into their last sleep before being run over. Recently it was a young woman who'd just had an emotional breakup with her boyfriend: she threw herself in front of the train, I guess to show him that he'd made the right decision to drop her.

    In Australia they have an enormous system of fencing & gates to prevent anyone from going near the train tracks. This extends for miles & miles out into the country- and even out in the middle of nowhere. This costs a fortune, but the Nanny Government there must protect people from themselves!

  10. Yup. Me, me, me. I think there is a bit of that in all of us. Not that this is any excuse for bad manners, but what is our very first response when we hit the button on the TV remote with dead batteries? We push the button harder.

  11. She had to pee.

    Tampon needed changed.

    Ate a bad burrito.

    Take your choice.