Tuesday, April 18, 2017

When You Find Out Your Daily Press Briefings Get More Viewers Than SNL, And They Are Only On Once A Week.


  1. I have been watching Spicer on a regular basis, just to get my daily dosage of MSM angst. I'm starting to wonder if we'll ever see ABC's Cecilia Vega smile again. I'm sure many in the WH Press Corpse (sic) view Sean with disdain; it must weigh on their psyche.

    I'm glad.

    1. I'd like to think that it's part of the process of reclaiming the press for America, and away from the Progressives. We have Congress, the Presidency, most of the state houses and governors, and soon the Supreme Court. Next, we march through the press and then the educational system, turning those institutions back to their original intent. The press may help us get there sooner with the hostility and overt bias. Onward!

  2. The progs don't hate Spicer more than President Trump. Not quite as much, but they do hate him.

    Then again, they'd hate your readers too. Hate is what they do.

  3. As if to underscore this post, C.W., check out this media bias study...


  4. Spicer seems like a genuine nice guy. But also seems like one who isn't afraid to take down someone in the media who tries to screw with him, or the president. Perfect man for the job. And I have watched him often, and didn't feel like he was misleading the American people, which I cannot say about the previous press guy. I feel like Sean Spicer actually is trying to tell us as much as he can, without actually endangering national security or operational security.