Sunday, April 2, 2017

Progress, it looks like this


  1. Amen

    The return of Constitutional force of law is a precious thing to see. You don't see that much.

    Additionally, I've been very pleased to see the rules and regs that President Trump has repealed.

  2. Hawaii needs to changed to all red. They are a may issue state on the books. But they will not issue a permit to anyone.

    When national reciprocity happens do not test this in Hawaii.

    1. Same thing here in New Jersey. It should be RED. On the books, a may issue state but in actuality, they will NOT issue a permit to carry to any ordinary law abiding citizen....ever.

  3. California is technically a shall issue state...but it depends on the county that you live in.

  4. In San Diego County, the policy is "Shall-Not" issue.

    That is, unless you are a Demorat politician, a movie star, or a big contributor to the Sheriff's re-election fund.

    SD is also a "sanctuary" city, and the powers that be don't want any of their imported illegal voters getting shot for committing crimes, so that policy is not likely to change.