Thursday, April 13, 2017

More winning: The Lansing City Council votes to rescind it's two week old decision to be a sanctuary city.

After hours of public comment, the council voted 5-2 to rescind the resolution containing a reference to sanctuary city passed April 3. 
The council members then decided not to take up a resolution reaffirming Lansing as a "Welcoming City" for immigrants. 
Several critics opposing the sanctuary city resolution - many of whom donned Donald Trump shirts - said the concept was dangerous for the capital city and flies in the face of federal law.
"Trump is going to know exactly what you're doing," said Rose Atkins, one of the people who commented in favor of the council rescinding its resolution. "If you come in here, come in the right way."
Jim Herbert, the CEO of Lansing-based company Neogen, asked why elected officials "seek to flout the laws intended to keep my family and my employees safe." 
The trend is clear. People are taking back control of their governments, one at a time.  There'll always be psycho self loathing progressives hell bent on setting a match to everything good, but they'll be harmless if regular hard working citizens keep them in check.

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  1. The Democrats hope that an influx of illegal aliens, who will vote illegally, will tilt election politics in their direction...while everyone else including schools, suffer. It's time to apply tar and feathers (an American tradition) to politicians who don't look after the needs of the people.