Friday, April 7, 2017

But, is the F-35 required to make this happen, or could a cheaper jet, or even a drone, do the same job?

The F-35 now packs more punch: specifically, the 20-foot Standard Missile, or SM-6, complete with a 140-pound warhead. But not fired from under the wing — rather from a nearby Aegis destroyer.
In September, the Marines completed a proof-of-concept test in which a Marine Corps F-35B  detected a cruise-missile decoy (a drone), passed targeting information to a remote sensor, and set up a shot by an Aegis combat system of the sort you’ll find on modern destroyers. A battery controlled by the Aegis fired a live SM-6 missile, which took down the drone.
“It was a metal-on-metal engagement from a significant range. I would say more than a tactically significant range. It was a very, very impressive shot to see,” Lt. Col. Richard “BC” Rusnok told reporters aboard the amphibious assault ship America.


  1. I thought that was why the Navy flew the E-2D...

  2. But if we could do that with drones, how will congress-critters send billions of dollars back to their district and pay off their lobbyists? Think of the poor lobbyists.

  3. We have to buy it in honor of Goose and Maverick. Drone pilots just don't have the same swagger.

    1. Exactly. Can you imagine being The Man Who Piloted the Drone that Shot Liberty Valance? The Duke would NOT be impressed.