Wednesday, April 12, 2017

An insightful post over at Virtual Mirage on the current developments in Korea.

It's interesting how the Chinese see the problem - the bottom line for them.

"Some Chinese military leaders judge that war is inevitable as long as North Korea possesses nuclear weapons. China has plans and intentions to use military force against North Korean nuclear facilities under some circumstances. One of the trip wires for intervention is not military at all, but pollution and fallout from a nuclear test that damages China. China is determined to maintain regional stability at whatever cost. China will support and enforce even stricter sanctions against North Korea."

I have never seen such quick movements from two hostile powers - the US and Red China - working together to stop the madman from gaining weapons of mass destruction.  An interesting change from the torpor of the last eight years.

This could work out very well for us, or very poorly, depending on many uncontrollable factors, not the least of which is what the pudgy tyrant in North Korea might do next.  Pressure's on.


  1. This could certainly end badly for South Korea. The North has a mass of artillery along their southern border, and any attack/action by China that disrupts the chain of command might leave several commanders with no choice other than to do what they believe they need to do to avoid having their families executed by Dear Leader - they won't know if he's dead or hiding in a coal mine. Also, if he thinks he's going down, Dear Leader might order the launch and/or detonation of every nuke he has, just for the spite of it. Whatever happens, I can't see the USA getting involved in a direct fight with the North (they'll leave that to China) but, that said, after Trump's foolish attack on Syria, who knows? Interesting times.

    1. Way too many uncontrollable factors to be able to really predict, but then, isn't that always the case with such things?

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