Saturday, April 8, 2017

1,300 pounds of Ancient Roman coins unearthed at a construction site in Spain.

How much more of this kind of thing is buried all over Europe, North Africa and the Middle East?


  1. Before there were banks...and credit cards...and national debt bondage...and the company store.

    1. There was the earthenware pot. Cheaper, but just don't forget where you buried it!

  2. My Grandfather, who we called Pappy, always had silver dollars to give to kids for their birthday, and liked to have some really shiny ones to pay for small purchases when there was a pretty girl at the cash register (I was firmly instructed to keep my mouth shut about this; some things are best kept from wives who may misunderstand.)

    Pappy died suddenly; after his death not one single silver dollar was found in or around his home, nor did he have any in his safety deposit box at the bank. We were certain that he had a stash somewhere, but we never found them.

    Someday, someone will make a wonderful discovery. I wish it had been me!