Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Straight out of Game of Thrones: The Mysterious Babouin and Babouine Menhirs, France

Babouin and Babouine (male and female baboon), are two bizarre menhirs or standing stones at Trédion, in the Morbihan, France. 
Babouin is located to the east of its companion. It stands about 4.7 ft (1.45 m) high and has been reworked at some point to have a flat front with a rounded shaft at the bottom. The upper part bears a circular human face that looks south. It is thought that this menhir may symbolize a phallus.
The second menhir, Babouine, is located to the west of its companion and stands at about 10.6 ft (3.25 m) high. This stone has been reworked and etched at some unknown point in the past as well. It has a face that has been almost obliterated by time, some type of necklace and a protruding stomach, which may represent a pregnant woman. It is thought that Babouine could be a symbol of female fertility.
It is believed that the stones date from the Neolithic era and were reshaped perhaps in the Gallic period.

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