Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Saw John Wick 2 today

Since the boy is home for a week, I took the day off and the two of us went to town and watched a matinee of this movie.  The story is the same as in the first movie, except this time the evil doers are Italians, while in the first movie it was Russian mafia.  No matter, they are all terrified of Mr. Wick, one character explaining that once Wick killed three opponent in a bar fight using only a pencil.  We get to see that feat re-enacted later in this film.

Certainly it is a guy movie.   There's no romance, and the only hot girl tries her best to put John six feet under.  It's constant action, shooting, threatening looks and strange decisions by Mr. Wick, who plays a professional assassin just trying to retire, but who's fearsome reputation keeps requiring him to return to his specialty - wet work.

He is forced in this movie to go after first one, then another Italian style baddy, and naturally, in spite of making all sorts of stupid decisions that in anything approaching real life would result in his immediate death, he fights his way out of one sticky situation after another.

The fight scenes are nearly non stop, and occur at a furious pace.  Fortunately for Mr. Wick, he only faces at any point perhaps no more than three bad guys at once, although they do come one after the other incredibly quickly.  Fortunately for Wick, he survives all this due to a combination of his precision shooting and the terrible marksmanship of his opponents, plus their bad habit of running at him full speed but usually one at a time, allowing our hero to come out ahead.  At least the movie realistically shows him reloading and even running out of ammo several times. 

We also learn that John Wick is fluent in Russian, Italian, English, and American sign language.  Yep, we know that last one because the female baddy is deaf, and the two of them trade threatening quips in sign language.  He's a stone cold killer, and a renaissance man!

Here she is trying to read John Wick's lips.

All in all, a great flick for lovers of macho high speed action, and it sets up the next sequel nicely at the end.  



  1. Gotta take exception to one point: his initial target was pretty hot. Would love to see a Wick prequel movie showing the lead-up to #1

    1. Anything is possible. And she was hot - I forgot about her in all the shooting and fist fighting.