Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Owl love

The other night I was up late, with the deck door open to the night, and I heard two of these feathery friends courting out in the inky blackness.

I never saw the love birds (these two are from Nevada), but I sure heard them, flying in big circles over the back field and house.  There was an occasional screech, but mostly a weird, metallic chirping sound made in long bursts, that I could trace by sound as they made their wide circles in the night sky.  

It was really cool, and something that wouldn't normally be noticed unless it was quiet, the door was open, and I was up to listen.  

The Choctaws believe that if an owl flies into your house, it's bad luck, and the two I heard were so close at times that I wondered if they would be attracted to my light and fly in the open door.   No bad luck for me, fortunately.   Enough said for the adventures of living in the country!


  1. You're the only one I've heard describe this, but we've listened in on the same thing a few times here in Colorado. Our horned owls look just like your Nevada ones. The strange thing is the combination of hoots and responses, some of which sound more like a duck than an owl. I actually thought it was some other kind of bird for a while until I saw the owl that made it. Good post!