Monday, March 13, 2017

OMG, classic!

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  1. Oh boy, the memories are rollin' here today! I did pretty close to the same thing while stationed in West Germany. Morons in a second floor room in the barracks next to ours (same unit) were blasting music out the window (gable style) in the wee small hours. They were all staggering drunk and smoking weed.

    One of the guys in our barracks produced the German equivalent of an M-80 and I volunteered to deliver. Went out the back side of our building, around and through the bushes, lit the fuse and made the toss through the open window (their lights were on). KA-BOOM! Room is full of smoke and confetti, and stoned idiots staggering in circles trying to figure if maybe the Russians just started World War III. They never did figure out who did it. Good times!