Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Hoard of four Celtic gold torcs unearthed in Staffordshire by two local metal detectorists.

After 60-year-old Mr Kania uncovered one of the bands, they then found three others concealed six inches below ground and a metre apart.
The jewellery is thought to be up to 2,500 years old.
One of the torcs was broken, probably by ploughing, and its other half was only discovered when the pair returned to the spot of the first dig last Sunday.

After scouring the cold ground on the morning of December 11 last year, both men were ready to call it a day when suddenly Mr Kania got a signal.
Pulling out the first torc on his hands and knees, Mr Kania said his initial thought was "bloody hell, I've seen this in a treasure-hunting magazine".
Check out these two guys, they're about as big a treasure in personality as the torcs they dug up.

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  1. Everyone in the British Isles with a metal detector would seem to find troves. There's a new headline every day.