Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Could this be true because Obama didn't give a rat's arse about the people in West Virginia?

CW's Prediction: Democrats have lost this state forever.

Sen. Joe Manchin (D.,W.Va.) said that he has had more personal time with President Donald Trump than he ever did with former President Barack Obama.

"I’ve had more personal time with Trump in two months than I had with [Barack] Obama in eight years," Manchin said.
Manchin told Politico that he could call Trump at anytime and Trump himself would be the one to answer the phone. Manchin called it the "damnedest thing" he's ever seen in his life.

One fellow Democratic senator warned progressives about challenging red-state Democrats like Manchin.
"If you want to have a Democratic Party in places like West Virginia, you have to be happy about somebody like Joe Manchin, right?" Sen. Chris Murphy (D., Conn.) said.
But will the vast majority of Dems/Progs listen to Murphy?  Do they remember how they lost the South?  Nope, and nope.


  1. West Virginia is a democrat state that went republican BOTH times with Obama. I'm sure he blamed it on racism, but it was simply that West Virginian's knew a commie gun-grabber when they saw one. They went for Trump, too!

  2. This communistic piece of feces will be out of a job in under 2yrs. His welcome has been worn out for a long while, and both he and his conshituents know it. While we'll ignore color 99/100 (if it's not causing problems, then we don't see color at all), we will NOT ignore this turd again. It's time for us to flush and scrub the bowl of his kind..

    1. Uh.....????

    2. I'm a West Virginian...should I speak slower so you can understand?