Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Cheap shot attempt by Feinstein backfires

What, she has no staff to research these cases?  She knows full well - full well - that the judge has ruled in many cases for "the little guy," but chose instead to try this stupid game.

Further, a judge must apply the law without consideration for whether the case involves a "little guy" or a "big corporation."   The law should apply equally to all.   To suggest that is should not, as Feinstein appears to do here, is the real outrage.


  1. Judge Gorsuch is the real deal. Trying to keep him off the court is a disservice to the nation.

    1. Agreed LL. He's an American legal giant and will be a wonderful addition to the Supreme Court.

  2. The next choice is where the real battle will be. I'll be interesting to see who Trump nominates, and how much fortitude the Republicans in Congress have in getting that nomination through to the court. I've always said that if Trump does nothing else in his presidency than strengthen the "original intent" constitutionalists on the Supreme Court, I'll consider his presidency a success for that alone.