Monday, February 6, 2017

Who thinks this way? Apparently Phil, Sarah, Trent and Shaun do.

Is it wrong to laugh at their foolishness?  


  1. No, it's not wrong. You can laugh.

  2. It's funny; but it's sad, too.

    These poor precious snowflakes just have no conception of reality, or who built the civilization that allows them to live in their mother's basement playing video games.

    There's also the racism that so many of them exhibit; but this is due (in great amount) to our woeful "education" system and the division that Obama encouraged. They have no conception of building, only tearing things down.

  3. Sean king is that pretend black guy.

  4. Those that hate the civilized first world that the white man has built for them are free to leave it , and the sooner the better.